What About Us?

Trimble Bible Church, an independent congregation of believers, is located on the east side of Illinois Route 1, four miles north of Illinois Route 33, in Trimble.  Located in rural Crawford County, near Robinson, Illinois, the church was founded in 1871.  Trimble Bible Church conducts two services each Sunday and two prayer meetings each week, and youth Bible club each Wednesday.  Trimble Bible Church hosts an annual week of prayer, Vacation Bible School, and an outreach tent at the Crawford County fair.

In our church, we don't pass the offering plate.  Instead, we place it at the rear of the auditorium.  We sing from a hymnal, accompanied by a piano.  Some folks dress up, but some don't.  All messages are based upon Bible verses.  The Sunday morning service lasts between 60 and 70 minutes and includes a time for announcements and prayer.  Everyone is welcome!

David Hyde has been the pastor of Trimble Bible Church since 1996.  He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, the University of Mississippi School of Law, and Westminster Theological Seminary.  He and his wife, Susan, who live in Trimble, have three grown children -- Sara, Luke, and Hannah-- and one grandchild, Harrison.  David previously served as pastor of Washington Avenue Baptist Church in Cairo, Illinois.  Susan is an English teacher at Palestine High School.